What is it that Dudo has done?

My name is Brett Dudo, and I'm a Creative. I started my career in Civil Engineering, but always had a foundation in technology. I decided that designing the structural components of commercial buildings was entirely too serious, so chose to focus on computers. I've worked on thousands of these computers since, literally, while working various Customer Success roles and freelancing a bit in between. I found myself writing software in order to bring my own ideas to life. I continue working with software to make other's dreams a reality. I enjoy working in FinTech, and have spent some time with Security as well.

You can find me all over the internet: GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn

If you'd like to reach me directly: brett@dudo.io, (619) 302-2461

Fun Fact

Fundamentally... web development is just HTML. Never forget that, because a lot of people do. If you have a good idea, or a story to tell, you can wrap the title in an <h1> tag and the content in a <p> and throw it up on the internet.

For those of us who have known the internet for a long time, that's where we started. It's just a marked up document. CSS makes it look pretty, JavaScript makes it interactive, back end languages help save state. But without content, you've got nothing.

Super Power

I'm passionate, and bring a ton of drive and energy to projects. That passion allows me to produce a broad range of functionality in a relatively short period of time.

Work Experience

Valimail September 2019 - Present

  1. Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, postgreSQL, React, AWS, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Go
  2. Senior Software Engineer:

    Helped launch a new division for the organization focused on inbound emails. Worked on the application responsible for managing the configuration of mailbox policy, and reporting on policy applied to those mailboxes. Used ROLAP data structures and various rollup tables to represent billions of email message facts. Interfaced with the applications responsible for monitoring our client's mailboxes, ingesting around 10^5 messages per minute.

SmartBiz @ BetterFinance February 2015 - September 2018

  1. Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, GraphQL, Relay, ES6+, React, AWS, Docker, Machine Learning
  2. Director of Engineering:

    Worked directly with the C level team to implement the business' OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures). Pushed the development team to create extensible and sustainable software. Built the team from 2 (including myself) to about 20 Product and Engineering folks, while supporting the business which grew from 6 to about 150!

  3. Software Engineer - Lead Developer:

    Ensured that the Product Managers vision was met. Implemented new feature requests from the Sales Team. Enabled my peers and subordinates to carry out their duties to the best of their ability. Led the successful migration from our Switch Colocation to AWS. Broke up a monolith Rails App into smaller services (ask me about this!)

SmartPay @ BetterFinance August 2014 - February 2015

  1. Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, mySQL
  2. Software Engineer - Production Support:

    Worked directly with Customer Success and the Field Sales Managers of SmartPay to identify software issues and maintain data integrity on our production servers. Paired with the appropriate feature teams to address bugs and implement hot fixes accordingly.

  3. Software Engineer - Sustainability:

    Upgraded older versions of our software to more supported versions. Refactored code to be more extensible, and more easily manageable in the future. (Rails 2 > 3, Rails 3 > 4, Rspec 2 > 3)

  4. Software Engineer - API:

    Supported the native app developers with proper API responses via RESTful routes.

FanMouth January 2014 - July 2014

  1. Technologies used: Ruby, Grape, Marionette, Backbone, Swagger, STATS
  2. Software Engineer - API:

    Built a system to ingest data for live sports. Worked with the Front End folks to ensure they're receiving everything they need to render the application correctly. Documented the API.

Abacus Law October 2010 - July 2013

  1. Technologies used: Terminal Services, RDP, LogMeIn, NetSuite
  2. Customer Success Manager:

    Helped our clients troubleshoot issues, and explain how to avoid them in the future. Upon learning the software, create numerous articles to help others learn it more efficiently, and to create some sort of standard operating procedure for them, as a User. I reported bugs to our developers and followed up with the appropriate clients as necessary. As technical as the job was, it was really about connecting with people and listening to their issues. It’s all about the interaction with the client, and assuring them that even though their software / phone / computer isn’t working momentarily, everything is going to be alright.


Cake Budget

  • Technologies used: Vue
  • A simple budget calculator leveraging local storage. Understanding your cashflow should be easy as cake!

Kustomized Namespaces

  • Technologies used: Ruby, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Provides management of infinite namespaced feature branch deployments to a Kubernetes cluster via Kustomize. This is designed to read from a GitHub repository containing your manifests, then write the corresponding overlays back to it.


  • Technologies used: React, Ruby, Elixir, Rust, MongoDB, DynamoDB, postgreSQL
  • Magic: The Gathering site to browse cards, and save your collection. Inspired by a friend having $10,000 worth of cards stolen while at a tournament. The idea was to be able to collect cards, and showcase them from this app, instead of carrying a bag around. I found that it's just a nice way to browse the cards... I've rebuilt this site with various tooling over the years, to test new technologies. It's a nice, consistent data set.

Just Cards...

  • Technologies used: ES6+, React, GreenSock, Elixir
  • I designed the cards you see on this site, and wanted a place to play around with them. The project was actually funded on kickstarter. They're available for sale, if interested. This site doesn't actually let you play with anyone, but I did go down a fun rabbit hole with WebRTC. It inspired another app that generalizes table top games that I modeled with Elixir.